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Choosing a family law attorney to represent you or a member of your family is not an easy task. Not only should the attorney be knowledgeable and experienced, but also must exhibit the understanding, compassion, and drive necessary to obtain the best result for you. At Tabor Law Offices, P.C., we provide experienced and professional legal services in all areas of family law, including dissolution of marriage, asset division, property division, custody disputes, parenting time, parentage issues, mediation, and orders of protection. Whether you are thinking about speaking to an attorney, or whether a legal action has begun, we can meet with you to provide guidance and explain your legal options in a clear, compassionate and professional manner.

At Tabor Law Offices, we fully appreciate the stress and emotion linked with family law disputes. Have seasoned, compassionate, and well-educated attorneys at your side, who will work aggressively to resolve your family needs. This is a family law firm that understands the delicacy of difficult family matters, and can sympathetically guide you through the process every step of the way.


You want to file for divorce, but don't know how to proceed. Or, you have been served with divorce papers and had no idea they were coming. Or, you and your spouse both know you want a divorce, but need guidance with the law and the paperwork. Hiring an experienced dissolution attorney from our firm will prevent you from pitfalls in your case.


Individuals may question why to mediate a family law issue. Because it works! Parties in conflict find mediation to be a less stressful, less expensive and less adversarial way to resolve their disputes. As certified mediators themselves, our attorneys guide clients through the process. As mediators, we achieve results, even in the most contentious situations.

Family Law

Legal rights and responsibilities between related individuals are under the broad heading of family law. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to assist you in your case, and will keep you informed of all developments in your matter. Family Law issues require a trustworthy and compassionate advocate.