Computing child support in Illinois changed effective July 1, 2017.  The “income shares” approach uses both parent’s income to determine a base child support amount, and then allocates that support amount between the parties, depending on each party’s percentage share of the total income.  For the parent with whom the child/children reside, the law presupposes they pay their share.  The other parent would then pay to that parent the amount attributed to them.  The formula also allocates responsibility for health insurance premiums, and allows for parties to agree to similarly allocate extracurricular activities, education and entertainment.  If the parties do not set forth a specific amount for these items, the parties will be responsible to contribute to them on the percentage basis established with the original computation.  The  Illinois Department of Heath and Human Services has several helpful tools on its website, among them a gross to net income chart as well as the schedule of income shares support based on combined incomes.   Call our office to assist you with the new child support law today!