You need a divorce, but do not know how to proceed.  Or, you have been served divorce paperwork, and need answers, fast.  Or, you and your spouse know you both want a divorce, but need help with the law and the paperwork.   Our experienced attorneys will inform you about the process, about the law and its application to your case, and provide you will full information so that you can actively participate in resolution of your divorce/ dissolution matter.

Most people know someone who has experienced a “horrible” divorce.  We work to prevent you from becoming the lead role in such a tale.  Divorce, or dissolution of marriage, raises issues such as asset and debt allocation, child and spousal support, child custody and parenting time. Within these broad categories there are multiple considerations, dependent upon the particular facts and circumstances of the matter at hand.  Whether your goal is primarily a swift resolution, or you want to ensure you are receiving your full rights and money due, we can help.  Tabor Law Offices, P.C. has broad experience in all types of dissolution matters, ranging from agreed situations where the parties have worked out the terms themselves, and solely need guidance through the court process; to highly complex custody and asset cases requiring multiple experts for each party. The attorneys at Tabor Law Offices, P.C. will zealously protect your interests, while providing the broad prospective necessary to effectively resolve your case. Whether a case requires negotiation, or aggressive litigation. Tabor Law Offices, P.C. is prepared to represent you with integrity and experience.