Family Law

Family law, broadly speaking, refers to legal rights and responsibilities between individuals who share a domestic relationship.  In addition to dissolution of marriage, family law includes:

  1. dissolution of civils unions and domestic partnerships
  2. paternity and determination of parentage
  3. guardianship
  4. adoption
  5. orders of protection

Orders of Protection can occur as part of an existing family law case, or exist as a singular action. Our attorneys will ensure, to the greatest extent of the law, the health and well-being of the protected party. Further, our attorneys have extensive experience in defending against Orders of Protection where a party seeks to impose such an order without legal grounds.

Family law matters inherently involve atypical levels of stress and anxiety.  Our experienced attorneys can assist in alieviating such emotions through steady, informed representation.   You deserve an advocate whom you can trust, and who will be honest with you at every stage of the case.  Our attorneys will reccomend the best course of action, whether negotiation or litigation, to suit your particular situation.  Call or email our office today for a free consultation.