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Beware the pitfalls of social media

Expressing your opinion, no matter how ill-founded, obnoxious, or just plain wrong, short of making a substantial threat, is a constitutionally protected right. This right generally extends to social media postings. All is well and good, until a once idyllic relationship breaks down, and the parties play out the details in public. All too often, […]

Income Shares Coming Soon

In July 2017, Illinois will drastically change the method by which family courts determine child support.  Traditionally, one spouse, the one with whom the minor child or children do not primarily reside, was ordered to pay support based on a computation using his or her income.  The resources of the parent with whom the minor […]

Pet Parenting Time in Illinois – Coming Soon?

“Pets are property,” is a long-established court holding Did you know that Illinois currently ranks #1 in animal protection laws?  Our bankrupt, dysfunctional state actually gets at least one thing right.  Further, notably, Alaska recently amended its divorce statutes to require courts to take “into consideration the well-being of the animal,” as well as giving […]